About the Programs


ScrapFactory is our online doll generator. You can create over 500 unique dolls. You have the ability to choose the following...

  • Human Bodies
  • Bear Bodies
  • Outfits
  • Dresses
  • Themed Projects (Sports, Dressup, Fairies..etc)

To see some examples of what type of dolls can be created please Click Here

Sure Cuts A Lot 5

Scrappydew has several programs to offer you. One of the most popular is the Sure Cuts A Lot 5 program. We are an authorized dealer of the software. This software allows you to cut with a lot of cutters that are out there on the market. Click the preview button to see if you see your cutter listed.

If you would like to see preview of what Sure Cuts A Lot 5 can do please watch our recorded webinar that goes over features that you may enjoy.

SCAL 5 vs SCAL 5 Pro

When it comes to choosing which one to purchase, we always tell people to make sure you understand the differences. Some of the features you may not be able to take advantage of based on your cutter.

We typically refer people to this document so you can see what the differences are.