Inkscape for Crafters

Inkscape is an OpenSource program that allows you to do more things than your average cutting machine. The reason that Inkscape is so attractive to crafters is the program is FREE to download and use. It has the added benifit of exporting a SVG (Scalar Vector Graphic) that you can use in another cutting program such as Design Space, Brother Scan and Cut Software, Make the Cut, Sure Cuts A Lot..etc

The thing that you have to keep in mind with this software is that it was created for Illustrators not crafters and the tools that you will see may be a bit confusing. The videos are set up in an orderly fashion. They are short and to the point. Because this class is FREE the videos are hosted on Youtube and they will have ads in them. If you are looking for AD free video experience - I would suggest purchasing the class.

    > Our videos are made for crafters

    > Learn at your own pace & pick and choose the videos that apply to your needs.

CRICUT DESIGN SPACE USERS: Inkscape can be used for Design Purposes. This program will export your design in a SVG file for you to upload into Cricut Design Space

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Inkscape for Crafters

Learn Something New

Listed below are some things that you will want to do.

  • Download Inkscape
  • Install Inkscape
  • Be able to Open Inkscape

Listed below is the videos that are for FREE - click on the topic that you would like to learn more about.